Leading with Love: A Nurse's Story (Paperback)

Leading with Love: A Nurse's Story By Connie White Delaney, Shelagh Klein Cover Image
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Shelagh Klein and I wrote this book from our heads, our hearts, and our real-life experiences. This book was done without the assistance of AI technology.
As we were finishing the book, our focus turned to using AI to help us Lead with love in our lives. I hope you don't read the book and put it away on a shelf. It's also not meant to be put on a pedestal and marveled at. We want it to be used. We aim to explore how the concepts of Leading with Love can be applied to the unique stories of every individual, even if they don't have a "leadership role". How can you, the reader, continue your journey of growth and connection with the authors, beyond following us on social media? To answer your questions, we've created an interactive experience that uses advanced AI Digital Twin technology.
This technology allows you to dive into the questions you have about your life and learn how the principles of Leading with Love can help you. Our team trained a Connie Delaney, Leading with Love AI digital twin. The digital twin lets you have an ongoing conversation about your life and how you can navigate the world with purpose, community, and love as your guiding light. The digital twin is an AI-powered companion designed to foster meaningful conversations, connections, inspire leadership with love, and help shape the future of AI. You can ask the digital twin any question, and it is safe for any age. For your book club, you can have the author in the room. Engage with Connie's digital twin at: Conniedelaney.com.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798988849322
Publisher: Educated Change
Publication Date: October 1st, 2023
Pages: 146
Language: English