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«This is a literally breathtaking collection of nude photographs by perfectionist French photo- grapher Didier Carré. I had given up hope of finding such images, disappointed by the coyness of nude art photography on the one hand and the wearying over-stimulation of pornography on the other. Carré‘s photographs are simultaneously totally explicit and totally beautiful.

His models have a stillness that says we taken a great deal of care and time to produce these images: take your own time to explore them. Carré demonstrates the power of black and white photography to reveal the true form of flesh and muscle in light and shade. The models are rarely adorned, apart from, in many cases, one, sometimes two, glas dildos that catch the light like a jewel, focusing your attention on their inner centre …» – Dermot Cox

About the Author

Carré lived for a long time in Paris, in the Pigalle quarter, very close to the Moulin Rouge. After completing his photographic training, he assisted as a photographer at the Paris Opéra Garnier Nationale and managed a photo lab for several years. Didier now resides in Biscarosse, near the famous Pyla dune. Didier's passion for beautiful women and his photographic work are admired by numerous fans.

Product Details
ISBN: 9783037666845
ISBN-10: 3037666846
Publisher: Skylight Editions
Publication Date: November 1st, 2022
Pages: 160
Language: English