DATABASE - Impact and Importance of Data: Database Standard Edition (Paperback)

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After the financial crisis of 2007 and 2008 and the unlimited crisis of 2011, the micro and macro actors started to "feel" the impact and the importance of data for the real accounting, tax and financial control of companies.

So this book is the continuation of my first economic book, a research memory about The human goodwill, as a factor of reform of the global economic system, published in 2012 in France, in French language, under the title Le Goodwill humain, comme facteur de r forme du syt me conomique mondial.

The purpose of this book is then to elaborate and "show" the link between accounting, taxation and finance, but also to present the impact of data in daily management and risk management in a corporate valuation and strategy, with in bonus an example of a real business case - Axa, and 3 other cases.

The book focuses on real time management and not on formulas, not only because there are already many different ways to find formulas with the internet and the wide database of financial and accounting books, but also to allow people who are not accounting or finance professionals to understand the subject, and I hope the whole book, because the consequences of an inaccurate overview of data do not only affect companies, but also the global economic system and thus the public in general.

To deal with this vast array of growing risks, regulators and international accounting standard setters are demanding that auditors up their game by providing more sophisticated risk modelling and more documentation of what they have done to challenge management's assumptions.

While auditors seem to believe that the system expects them to be able to perform "miracles" ... The Riimex database and matrix are then unique in the world in that they provide the solution that regulators, international accounting standard setters, practitioners and academics have all been looking for.

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ISBN: 9782958601812
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Publisher: Riimex Group
Publication Date: April 14th, 2023
Pages: 192
Language: English