Earth to Moon: A Memoir (Hardcover)

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From Moon Unit Zappa, the daughter of musical visionary Frank Zappa, comes a memoir of growing up in her unconventional household in 1970s Los Angeles, coming of age in the Hollywood Hills in the 1980s as the “Valley Girl,” gaining momentum as an accidental VJ on a new network called MTV, and finding herself after losing her father, then her mother, and the testing of her most important relationships.

How can you navigate life as the “normal” child of an extraordinary creative? What is it like to live in a hothouse of individuality that on one hand fosters freedom of expression, and on the other tamps down the basic desires of a child for boundaries and affection? Should you call your parents Frank and Gail from birth?

For Moon Unit Zappa, processing a life so punctuated by the whims of genius, the tastes of popular culture, the calculus of celebrity, and the nature of love, was at times eviscerating, at times illuminating—but mostly deeply confusing. Yes, this is a book about growing up in the shadow of Frank Zappa. Moon and her family were a source of constant curiosity, for their unique names and for their father’s reputation as a musical savant and fierce protector of the First Amendment, even though he was never a commercial success.

Searching for her own path, first as her father’s inadvertent musical collaborator and public sidekick with their surprise mega radio hit, then as an actress, an artist, a spiritual person, a wife and mother, Moon Unit calculates ever-changing equations of fame, family, death and ultimately legacy when dealt the shocking news that Gail’s will established an unequal distribution among the remaining, tight-knit Zappas, catalyzing a quest for meaning and redemption.

With love, humor, and humility, Earth to Moon reminds us that every family is faced with problems that are unique to their particular makeup, but the journey to growing into yourself with grace is as universal as it gets.

About the Author

Moon Unit Zappa was born in 1967 to legendary musician Frank Vincent Zappa and his second wife, Gail Zappa. At the age of fourteen, Moon Zappa appeared in Frank Zappa’s career defining music video, “Valley Girl,” which later helped jump-start Moon’s own career. Since then, Moon has worked as an actress, writer, comedian, artist, businesswoman, and podcaster. 

Praise For…

"Moon is a courageous adventurer of the mind and spirit. Earth to Moon is a hell of a journey but she keeps her vessel intact poignantly and hilariously." — Marc Maron, host of WTF with Marc Maron

"Where is the line between unconventional and crazy? Moon recounts this tale of growing up Zappa with forensic honesty and a hilariously dry wit--and the momentum of a bullet train. Her empathy and generosity of spirit are a miracle and an inspiration." — Allegra Huston, author of Love Child

"Upon reading Earth to Moon, one might wonder how a child left to parent herself to such a degree could grow into such a self-actualized adult. Every family is locked into its own form of dysfunction--but Earth to Moon is written with so much authenticity that you cannot help but feel connected." — Rosanna Arquette, actor

"Moon's writing pulls you into the emotional core of having been brought up Zappa. Rich with detail, this excellent book does not let you escape the feeling of being there and experiencing that life for yourself." — Justine Bateman, actor

"With unflinching detail and sharp, witty prose, [Moon] captures both the specificity and universality of an loneness that comes from being raised by narcissists." — Ariel Leve, author of An Abbreviated Life

"I never knew I wanted to take this weird ride through Moon's vividly collected memories, but I'm glad I did. Wow." — Rhys Darby, actor and comedian Our Flag Means Death

"Moon shares her memories with brutal honesty: the good, the bad, and the sometimes very ugly in these pages... as she sets about on her own personal path of healing and finding her own inner peace." — Owen Elliot-Kugel, author of My Mama, Cass

"[Earth to Moon] will uplift you, inspire you, and blow your mind." — Pamela Des Barres, author of I'm with the Band

"[Moon's] storytelling is riveting... The writing is solid, vivid, elegiac at times." — Annabelle Gurwitch, New York Times bestselling author, activist, and actress

"Anyone who has ever felt lost, weird, confused, disempowered, underutilized, horny, dismissed, then spoke up and took the high road will love this book as much as I do!" — Kyle Richards

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ISBN: 9780063113343
ISBN-10: 0063113341
Publisher: Dey Street Books
Publication Date: August 20th, 2024
Pages: 368
Language: English